Pourquoi – 2016 A W, 2017 S S Exhibition and Pop up Store




  • POURQUOI—-about the brand


Lalaismi founded the brand in 2012, after her graduation. POURQUOI means “why” in French, which is children’s favorite question. The designer tries to make her work as a little riddle by experimenting new ideas and unconventional thoughts, mixing fun and fairy elements into the clothes. There are always some details, hidden secrets ,waiting to be discovered. Whoever wears the clothes becomes an explorer and would be surprised by lalaismi’s work.Like a child will always be surprised by the answer for the question: Pourqoui.


於 26/11 - 16/12 期間,

POURQUOI 將會在 Roomage 30 空間叄拾 舉行關於 2016 A/W 與 2017 S/S 之 exhibition 與 Pop Up Store.

屆時所有訂製服以及飾物將會以 tailor-made 形式出售。


地點:澳門高地烏街 64號東方商場地庫 Roomage 30 空間叄拾

OPENING:26/11 下午 16:00 - 18:00 (INVITATION ONLY)

營業時間:26/11 – 16/12, 週二至日,下午 12:30 - 19:30